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Summer in Grand Bend: Everything You Need to Know

Updated: May 30, 2023

Grand Bend is an ever-growing beach town nestled right on Lake Huron.

Looking for things to do? Keep reading for our ultimate guide to Grand Bend.

While staying at The Bend, my family and I were looking for things to do during our stay. Fortunately, we gathered some tips and tricks that I'm going to share with you about everything Grand Bend. Whether its food, parking, drinks, or even water rentals, we've got you covered. It can be hard to find recent and reliable information on the best actives to do in a small town like this, so keep reading for common mistakes to avoid!

#1: Parking

#2: Beach Rentals

#3: Great Eats


#1: Parking

Finding parking in a tightly packed town like Grand Bend can be a challenge. On weekends, some circle around for upwards of thirty minutes and still have no luck. When staying at The Bend, the rooms either come with one indoor parking space in their garage, or one municipal parking pass. This parking pass is for the parking lot on the corner of Huron St. and King St.

Our advice to you would be: avoid moving your car at all costs! Unless you're in the parking garage, parking spots get snatched up extremely quickly. The Bend is close enough to the water that you don't need your vehicle to go to any of the nearby attractions. Once you find a good spot, it is best to leave your car there for the duration of your stay. The main strip is always bustling with people and it is a nice (and short!) walk to the beach.

#2: Beach Rentals

My favourite thing to do in Grand Bend was renting jet skis. Xtreme Watersports has everything you could possibly need. From boats, jet skis, or charters, go to them for your rental needs. The Bend guests get 5% off all rentals during their stay, a great perk!

#3: Great Eats

Last but not least: food and drinks! Below are our favourites for each meal:

The Cottage Cafe, 71 River Rd, Grand Bend. The best place for coffee and a great breakfast located near the marina, a short drive from The Bend. Guests receive a 10% discount!

Willie's Beach Bar, 85 Main St W, Grand Bend. Looking for a drink or a great outdoor meal? Willie's has a wide selection of drinks and yummy lunch and dinner specials.

Culture Shock Kombucha, 23 Main St W, Grand Bend. Want to cool off after a hot beach day? Grab a tasty drink at CSK Brewery. The Bend guests get a 10% discount!

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